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Madrona Love

I’m pleased to announce my new book, Madrona Love

Madrona Love is a photographic essay of found hearts that have been carved into the iconic Madrona trees of the Pacific Northwest. The Madrona’s vibrant orangey-red hues and remarkable peeling bark is utterly captivating. As an artist, I’ve been enamored by this native beauty. My photographs of Madrona tree heart carvings were initially a source of inspiration for my paintings. They lovingly evolved into a photographic essay that became this book.

I live near Seattle, in the beautiful Puget Sound region. I’ve taken hundreds of photographs of Madrona trees. During my hikes, with camera in hand, I discovered that a surprising number of Madronas had hearts carved into their silky smooth skin. I am fascinated by richly textured surfaces, marked by people and the transience of nature. I found the incredible number of variations to be visually intriguing.

Each carving is a unique symbolic declaration of love, marked at a particular moment in time. The hearts I documented will look entirely different weeks and months later as the Madrona’s bark continually changes with the seasons. Eventually they disappear. Many of the Madrona heart carvings I discovered, are preserved in my book Madrona Love. I hope you love it 

Available here for purchase …coming soon!