Fine Art Painting, Seattle, WA

Madrona Love Book

My romance with Madrona trees began twenty years ago when I moved from New York to Western Washington. In the Puget Sound region, the Madrona’s vibrant color is startling on grey days.

Utterly captivated, I began photographing them extensively. To my surprise, I discovered an abundance of hearts carved into the Madrona’s silky smooth skin – a couple’s symbolic declaration of love, inscribed like lovers’ tattoos. Many of the hearts captured in this book are immediately visible, others reveal themselves slowly…like falling in love.


Susan Derrick’s attraction to the rugged beauty of Madrona trees, with their spectral hues and sensuous textural variations, is the heart of this book. The Madrona heart carvings, fragments of past and present, are lost and found within the bark through the seasonal cycle of renewal and decay. Richly textured surfaces, marked by people and the transience of nature is a theme continually explored in Susan’s work as a fine art painter. Her photographs of Madrona tree heart carvings were initially a source of inspiration for her paintings, which then evolved into the photographic essay that became this book.

$27 Hardcover 9″ x 6″

56 Full Color Pages

Perfect gift for the Nature Lover, Valentine’s Day, Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary, or just to say “I Love You”.